Specialty Shapes and Skylights

Photo: Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Specialty Shapes

Unusually shaped windows can add drama and elegance to a home. However, they do present particular challenges in trying to find the best way to cover them to add a decorative touch while providing privacy, light control and insulation. Hunter Douglas offers you a wide selection of window treatments that can cover virtually any shape or size of window.

Photo: Silhouette® Window Shadings



Skylights provide rooms with a brighter, more open and airy feeling often not possible with standard windows. Skylights, however, don’t help with naptime and have the potential to let sunlight overheat your rooms in the summer and the heat to escape in the winter. At Hunter Douglas we have product solutions made especially for skylights. Skylift™ skylight system, also available on our Duette® and Applause® honeycomb shades, is specifically suited for skylights, and is offered in both manual and PowerView Motorization. SkyLift™ is perfect for very large windows.

Photo: Duette® Honeycomb Shades